Welcome to Delta Research Co.

We provide analytical services for federal agencies and in-house laboratories to trace public benefits from science and technology (S&T) investments. Our customers include the National Institute of Standards & Technology, Office of Naval Research, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. We conduct:

      • Evaluation Research
        Hindsight analysis to trace realized and future benefits from past S&T investments
      • Decision Support
        Foresight analysis to project the relative expected value of alternative S&T investments
      • Research Management
        Best practices for S&T workforce development and customer interaction patterns

Delta Research Co. was incorporated as an Illinois corporation in 1994. The General Services Administration awarded Delta Research a MOBIS Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract for SIN 874-1 analytical services in 2003 .The multi-year contract provides a streamlined and efficient mechanism for federal agency contracting. In 2008, the GSA extended the MOBIS contract for an additional five year period.

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